Who you could be working with...

We're a couple of developers from the UK. In 2016 we decided to leave our comfortable lives behind, travel the world, and explore our own dreams.

We specialise in all things front-end, having worked for many years with multiple technology trends. Want us to create your marketing site, management portal, or even your startup's mvp? No problem, we can turn our hands to just about anything!

Our current prefered stack utilises; React.js & Redux, backed by Node.js & express.

This allows us to get up and running in a flash, and create neat, performant apps, whatever the requirements.

We write all code to a high standard, adhering to industry level code quality and style. We always write to the latest JavaScript specification (ES7 with Babel), compile our CSS with Sass and BEM, and use appropriate technologies to assure our code is tested and linted sufficiently.

If you think we could help you, get in touch!